Abstract Explorations in Acrylic Painting: Fun, Creative and Innovative Techniques

Abstract Explorations in Acrylic Painting: Fun, Creative and Innovative Techniques

North Light Books - Discover abstract painting with acrylics! "If you approach your art with a playful attitude you will be more apt to keep making art, and the more art you make, the better your art will be. Pg. Learn what tools toye finds most useful in making art, along with 17 step-by-step demonstrations showing how to use them to best effect.

Start-to-Finish Painting Projects. Experiment with clear Tar Gel, pour paint with pipettes, work over top a "failed" painting. All yielding brilliantly original results. With the belief that an attitude of playfulness is key to artistic growth, award-winning acrylic artist Jo Toye leads you on an engaging workshop-style adventure filled with innovative techniques, inventive approaches and breakthrough results.

Abstract Explorations in Acrylic Painting: Fun, Creative and Innovative Techniques - Work Small. Achieve wonderfully original patterns using resist pens, mouth atomizers and India ink. At the heart of the book, 8 start-to-finish painting projects put it all together. Heavily illustrated and filled with exciting ideas you won't find anywhere else, Abstract Explorations in Acrylic Painting will inspire you to paint, experiment, play.

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Abstracts In Acrylic and Ink: A Playful Painting Workshop

North Light Books - In this book, the successful, self-taught artist helps you "dive in with an open mind and fearless heart. Everything inside is geared toward kick-starting your creativity:An exciting series of 22 fun-to-follow, step-by-step projects. A tantalizing variety of approaches and inspirations for applying and manipulating paint, paper, crayons, pencils, ink, photos and more.

Quick and loose exercises for building a library of ideas, color palettes, patterns and designs to use in future paintings. Loads of practical advice, including how to stock your studio without going broke, the five must-haves mediums, and how to finish and protect your artwork. For beginners eager to get to the "good stuff" and for artists looking to expand their repertoire, it just doesn't get any better.

Abstracts In Acrylic and Ink: A Playful Painting Workshop - Every action-packed page will have you trying something new and pushing your boundaries! make marbled acrylic skins * Add a stain * Discover instant gratification with Yupo paper * Achieve the wonderfully aged look of image transfers * Play with graffiti-style art * Experiment with gel mediums * Incorporate non-commercial add-ins like eggshells and netting * Create incredible abstract landscapes and cityscapes * And so much more! North Light Books.

A quick-start guide to beautifully layered and textured abstracts! While there are many approaches to painting abstract art, Jodi Ohl's philosophy is to simply start. Splatter, scrape, stamp, repeat.

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Abstract Painting: The Elements of Visual Language

Jane Davies Publications - Generously illustrated with over 200 color images, this book will open your eyes to a whole new way of seeing your paintings as they develop, allowing you to be more personally expressive and authentic in your artistic expression. As you examine line, texture, shape, and color in detail, pattern, depth, you become more aware of the elements that make up a painting, and better able to observe your own work without judgment and self-criticism.

Abstract painting: the elements of Visual Language examines and articulates a vocabulary of visual elements from which you build images, abstract or otherwise. North Light Books.

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Painting Abstracts: Ideas, Projects and Techniques

Search Press 9781844483365 - Search Press UK. All the basic information relating to picture elements, theme and design is provided at the start of the book, together with an exploration of the meaning of abstract painting, composition, and its importance as a means of self-expression and creativity. North Light Books. Clear, this book contains instructions for 65 abstract paintings that you can get to work on straightaway, challenging and inspiring, with no previous experience.

Rather than providing step-by-step instructions, materials, technique, composition, each of the exercises consists of information on method, imagery and structure which will direct you to the finished piece while at the same time allowing your creativity to flow.

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Paint Party Level 1 - Happy Abstracts: Fearless Painting for True Beginners! Learn to Create Vibrant Canvas Art Stroke-by-Stroke

Leisure Arts - Search Press UK. This guide is for true beginners, as well as more seasoned painters, looking to explore a new painting style. Each card has an uplifting quote on the back and they’re perforated for easy removal. They’re perfect to tuck into a gift or pass to a friend. Journey through six projects, where you’ll be encouraged to explore abstract painting with a playful and open mind.

Burn bright and beautiful with bold hues and daring brushwork as you paint along with stroke-by-stroke photo guides. Happy abstracts is the perfect guide to finding your inner artist. Pick up a brush to create vibrant and unique canvases for your home as you stride into the world of EttaVee Art with these 6 colorful abstract paintings: Bright Brush Strokes, Monochromatic Glam, Art Heart, Multi Canvas Strokes, Expressive Abstract Sky, and Artful Paper.

Paint Party Level 1 - Happy Abstracts: Fearless Painting for True Beginners! Learn to Create Vibrant Canvas Art Stroke-by-Stroke - As an added bonus, etta vee’s colorful artworks adorns 14 pullout cards at the back of your Happy Abstracts book. There’s no better way to feed your creative soul than by exploring new ways to stretch your mind and creativity. Let’s get creative! North Light Books. Everyone has an artist within them and a unique perspective to offer the world! Happy Abstracts is an explorative painting guide by colorful artist EttaVee, Jessi Raulet where you’ll learn to create bright and uplifting abstract art on canvas.

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Abstract Art Painting: Expressions in Mixed Media

North Light Books - You'll learn how to explore the use of color theory in abstraction and to use underpainting to bring structure and depth to your art. Would you love to take your art in a new direction?In Abstract Art Painting, intuitive excitement, you will enter a realm of tactile, combining pastel and acrylic to achieve results as unique as you are.

Search Press UK. In addition you'll begin to understand how to work in a series and how this can help you develop your own personal style. A sampling of what you'll add to your creative toolbox:pastel and acrylic techniques to use to complete your own paintingsThe benefits of expressing your ideas abstractlyHow to loosen up by using your nondominant hand and drawing to musicWays to express emotions through mark-makingUsing color and symbolism for expressionWorking with photos for inspirationTips for using color studies Step into your own abstract frame of mind today! North Light Books.

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Abstracts: 50 Inspirational Projects

Search Press - Search Press UK. Rolina van vliet is an enthusiastic teacher, and she offers a brilliant insight into what makes good paintings, with 50 stunning projects, each accompanied by expert tips and a full palette of exciting and fun techniques. Search Press UK. Whether you want to purely abstract your ideas, or music, such as landscapes, thoughts and feelings into colour and mood, or whether you want to base your pictures on subjects that interest you, flowers, you will find much to guide and fascinate you here.

With help on what materials to use and how to use them, she includes many photographs illustrating different ways to create smooth, collaged, vibrant, textured, powerful and atmospheric abstract art. Beginners will love the way Rolina encourages experimentation - there are no rules, and more experienced artists will find much here to inspire them.

Abstracts: 50 Inspirational Projects - North Light Books. Where do you find inspiration for an abstract painting? How do you start? What materials should you use? Are composition and perspective important? These questions and others are answered in detail in this impressive book, with a clarity that guarantees success.

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Abstract Nature: Painting the natural world with acrylics, watercolour and mixed media

Search Press - Search Press UK. The book covers the variations through all seasons, teaching the reader to see the natural world with creativity and a fresh new perspective. It is divided into helpful sections to teach the reader how to use acrylics, bark and leaves, watercolours or airbrushing, as well as natural materials such as sand, to create captivating pictures full of colour and vitality.

There is a wealth of stunning abstract pieces by Waltraud which will provide inspiration for more experience painters as well as the beginner. Austrian artist waltraud Nawratil shows you how to combine a love for nature with a passion for expressive painting. Search Press UK. North Light Books. Search Press UK.

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Creating Abstract Art: Ideas and Inspirations for Passionate Art-Making

North Light Books - Search Press UK. Celebrate your own nonconformist place in the world of art. Going far beyond standard notions of developing an abstract "style" or particular "look, " Creating Abstract Art unleashes the numerous possibilities that abound in your creative subconscious. So turn off the noise in your head, follow your own instincts and delight in what emerges!40 exercises exploring original ideas and inventive techniques for making abstract art.

Projects can be done in any order and with nearly any materials--start working right away on any project that grabs your attention!50 contemporary artists share diverse work and viewpoints on the process of working abstractly. A creative & inspiring guide to abstract painting. Overcome the familiar obstacles of "I don't know what to paint!" & "How do I know if this good?" with this.

Creating Abstract Art: Ideas and Inspirations for Passionate Art-Making - North Light. Paperback. Familiar obstacles such as "i don't know what to paint" or "How do I know if this is good?" are easily set aside as you explore fun exercises such as connecting dots, shadow hunting, automatic drawing, working with haiku poetry paintings and much more. Colour Throughout. Write your own artistic license and start Creating Abstract Artyour way, today! North Light Books.

Search Press UK. Search Press UK.

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Fluid Art Mastery: 8 Steps To Being A Paint Pouring Artist

Independently published - Fluid art opens up a lot of possibilities and is definitely worth exploring and adding to your artist tool belt. Search Press UK. North Light. Also known as paint pouring, flow art, liquid art, etc. Is a form of abstract art that uses acrylic paints with a runny fluidconsistency. Paperback. Search Press UK. I will share with you:how to set up your paint pouring studio on a budgetcomplete supplies listshare all the techniques that I use like; dirty pour flip cup, pre-lift slide technique, open cylinder, ribbon pour, puddle pours, swipe technique and more.

I will show you how to properly handle and care for your artI will show you how to protect your artworkThere are plenty of resources to refer to with information about mixing ratios, paint density and moreI will share tips on how to price your artAnd tips on where to sell your masterpiece. Colour Throughout.

Fluid Art Mastery: 8 Steps To Being A Paint Pouring Artist - In this book i will teach you everything you will need to become a paint pouring artist. This type of art is fun for all ages. North Light Books. A creative & inspiring guide to abstract painting. Overcome the familiar obstacles of "I don't know what to paint!" & "How do I know if this good?" with this. Search Press UK.

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The Artist's Journey: Bold Strokes To Spark Creativity

The Artist's Journey Press - If you want a comprehensive, clearly explained, psychologically sophisticated map and self-help guidebook for your creative self-expression, start here with The Artist's Journey. You don't want to play it safe anymore. North Light. Overcome your fears to live your deepest life. Scroll up and order the book. You want to wrestle down your self doubts and inner criticism and finally create the paintings of your dreams- paintings that wow and astonish you.

The artist's journey teaches you how one mindset shift will transform your experience of creating art one secret studio practice will ignite your creativity two technical game changers will take your art to the next level one concept will help you create your deepest, most personal art The Artist's Journey written by artist, author and Stanford trained existential psychiatrist Nancy Hillis, M.

The Artist's Journey: Bold Strokes To Spark Creativity - D. Colour Throughout. Paperback. You know that, while you could keep repeating what's worked before in your art, this is a kind of soul death. Is an inspirational exhortation with psychological and philosophical underpinnings, to move you closer and closer to your deepest self expression in your art and life.

Have you always dreamed of being an artist? why put off following your dreams? Are you ready to set out on a journey of self-discovery? To develop strength, clarity, and skill as an artist? The time to create your art is NOW.

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